We usually share something fun in our podcasts – including contests, challenges and giveaways. You’ll want to know right away when our next podcast drops so you can get in on all the action! We promise – it’ll be a good time.

Ep. 27: Mistakes Were Made…And That’s OK!

No one likes to mess up… mistakes can be embarrassing and sometimes costly, in more ways than one. But, we’re here to make the case FOR mistakes. Join us as we discuss why reconsidering your fear of making mistakes can be beneficial. As always, we’re sharing how we’ve struggled with and learned from this lesson in our own lives. Plus, we’ll be giving you 3 helpful tips for embracing the hidden benefits of making mistakes!

Ep. 26: Quitting – Is It A Good Or Bad Thing?

Would you ever be a quitter?!? In this episode, we unpack some of the common perceptions often associated with the idea of quitting. Join us as we chat about how quitting (jobs, relationships, new ventures) is often viewed as negative, and we’ll share with you some reasons why changing that narrative might actually be more beneficial than you realize!

Ep. 25: The Gift Of Presence: Staying Connected At The Holidays

The holiday season can be a stressful & busy time, making it harder than ever to stay connected and present for the ones we love the most. This episode, we’re talking about the importance of mindful stress management and we’re offering up practical tips and strategies to help you truly enjoy the season (not just get through it!). We’re talking about it all; work, parties, staying present for your partner, and even navigating those tense family get togethers… join us, won’t you?

Ep. 24: Thanks A Zillion

We can’t count all the things we’re thankful for, but we’re sure trying to list them all (and why!) in this episode! Join us as we chat about ALL things Thanksgiving: the FOOD, wearing pajamas on Turkey Day, separating the family members by political views, community, and of course – the real reason this holiday is our favorite. Happy Thanksgiving, Sisters!

Sources: https://bit.ly/2R18oBk

Sisters Giving Back: https://bit.ly/2QQbF6G

Ep. 23: Give It Up, Girl!

It’s holiday season (wait, again, already?!) and for most of us, that equates to GIVING season. We’re talking today about why we’re 100% here for that…we think giving (and giving back) are vital to happy living. In this episode we talk about why we think the giving mindset is so important and how it builds connection and community. Whether you’re a check-writer, a soup-kitchen worker, or just a smile and “thank you” giver – we’re talking to you. Listen in as we chat about all the different ways we’ve witnessed the giving spirit lately; we promise at least one smile for your day!

Ep. 22: You’re NOT An Imposter!

We’re chatting about IMPOSTER SYNDROME! It’s the worst! What exactly is this affliction? In this episode we dive into what imposter syndrome really is, how to recognize if you have it, and most importantly – how to get OVER it. Whether you’re 20 or 70, you’re going to want to give this episode a listen because it might apply to you!

Sources: https://www.inc.com/melody-wilding/9-telltale-signs-you-have-impostor-syndrome.html


Ep. 21: Why Your Words Matter

Let’s talk about COMMUNICATING! Effective communication is a vital part of any relationship. In this episode, we’re talking about why you should care about the messages you’re sending, what you’ll want to consider before your next conversation, and HOW to make yourself a better communicator. Saying what you mean to get what you want is ALWAYS important.

Whether you’re working on those personal relationships or building your business and want to be taken more seriously, you’ll want to tune in to this one. Plus, we’re sharing our 5 Tips for Effective Communication!

Ep. 20: Are You Really SO Busy?

Let’s talk about the notion of “busyness”… Have you, like us, found yourself complaining about being so crazy busy? Like, “good, but SO busy…”? In this episode, we’re breaking down the idea that “Busy” is some sort of badge of honor we wear. We’re talking about the ways people regularly misuse the idea of being “busy”. We explore how people (us, too) often use the term as a reflex excuse instead of saying what they REALLY mean, and we share how breaking the habit of “busyness” can truly help you live better.

Ep. 19: Stop Struggling Alone!

Let’s face it; we can be REALLY good at being strong, independent women. But, what if that tendency to “handle it” all by yourself is actually hurting you? Today we’re talking about how reaching out for help sometimes can mean good things for you AND your loved ones.

As always, we’re sharing how we’ve struggled with and learned from this lesson in our own lives. We invite you to listen in and gain a little insight from our sisterly perspective.

Ep. 18: Back To School: Celebrate It or Hate It?

Today’s conversation is about all things BACK TO SCHOOL! Summer vacation is coming to an end for all of us with kids, which can mean mixed feelings. Do you celebrate getting the kids out of the house and back into the classroom, or do you hate summer coming to an end?

In this episode, Cathy and I are chatting about how we’ve spent our vacation weeks with our kids and how back to school definitely feels different for us with kids in elementary school vs. college.

Plus, we’re sharing what the first day of school was REALLY like for us last week…those idyllic “first day” pics on social media don’t always tell the whole story, right? Join us for another fun conversation and don’t forget to share your own back to school stories with us!

Ep. 17: Overcoming Stalled Progress

Today’s conversation is about how to tackle a stall in your progress. In this short episode, we discuss how stalling is an obstacle many face – in everyday life as well as in business. We’re giving you practical ways to address your stall and get back to growing.

Ep. 16: Why You NEED To Redefine Success

Today’s conversation is all about how reframing our concept of success can actually HELP us reach our goals faster. Lan and I are chatting about the different ways to apply this simple & effective thought process to any journey. Listen in as we discuss how you can avoid feelings of frustration and failure when you view your journey with a fresh perspective and a little grace! As always, we’re sharing how we apply this advice to our own lives & we invite you to laugh along with us at our own “not-so-glamorous” moments of learning and living.

Ep.15: Evolving As A Parent

We have a special guest this episode! We’re chatting with our sister from Texas, who’s here visiting us for the summer with her kids. The conversation about parenting continues… with our kids ranging in ages from 8-24, we have covered a lot of firsts and are sharing our experiences with you. From potty training to wedding planning, we’re talking about all of it and how our roles as parents truly evolve as our kids grow.

Ep.14: FOUR Parenting Goals You’ll Want To Set Right Now

Let’s talk about PARENTING! It’s a tough job, and because we love our kids, we want to do our best at it, right?! But, what goals are we specifically working towards? In this episode, we share what we’ve learned in parenting (thus far) along with the 4 goals we think can help EVERY family. We’re covering everything from toddler tantrums to participation trophies to the power of communication. As usual, we have opinions on it all, and we’re not afraid to share them!

Ep.13: Why You Need To Take A Break & How To Make It Happen

We’re BACK with new episodes for you! After a few weeks off, we have a lot of thoughts to share with you! Let’s talk about the power (and NECESSITY) of taking regular breaks from work (and other obligations that can lead to burnout if you’re not careful). How you spend your time and energy should be intentional, and in this episode we share our thoughts on exactly why that is, as well as HOW to make it happen.

Ep.12: Sisters Unscripted

Let’s talk about bikinis vs. tankinis, Cathy’s inability to control her word vomit, and the importance (or not?) of unofficial holidays…

Ep.11: Who Are Your People?

Let’s talk about who your people are…you know, the ones who really matter in your life. Are they the RIGHT people when it comes to how they make you feel about yourself? Who you surround yourself with can have a direct impact on your sense of self-worth, so in this episode we share HOW to tell if your relationships are positive or negative ones, and WHAT to do once you figure that out. This is the final installment of our 3 PART series focusing on the topic of SELF-WORTH.

Ep.10: Multi-tasking – Is It Even Possible?

Let’s talk about the pressure to be multi-tasking super producers. Every day, we are asked to wear so many hats and accomplish so many things; when is it too much? We’re going to dive into how this struggle can affect our overall confidence. We’ll also share how emulating one popular kitchen appliance can help us become more effective multi-taskers. This is PART 2 of our 3 PART series focusing on the very important topic of SELF-WORTH. Listen in and share YOUR multi-tasking fails & successes with us!

Ep.9: Embracing The Crazy

Let’s talk about that “crazy” Nike ad and how we, as women, are often portrayed as nuts for wanting to be MORE than we are (often) told we can be. We’re about to celebrate International Women’s Day, so join us as we chat about some of the different ways women continue the fight to break through glass ceilings in every arena. In this episode, we share our thoughts on gender equality in sports (is it really possible?), why Girl Scouts should be just as valued as Boy Scouts, women in the workforce, and more! Listen in and sound off in the comments with YOUR thoughts!

Ep.8: The Titles We Wear

Let’s talk about the titles we wear! What title(s) do you proudly claim? We get personal in this episode, sharing our journeys with you as we discuss how we’ve grown over the years to embrace our own various titles. This is PART 1 of a 3 PART series where we’re going to focus on the important topic of SELF-WORTH.

Ep.7: The Morph Project

Let’s talk about The Morph Project! We’re chatting with Hilary Motley and Hillary Tish: co-founders of a non-profit committed to helping women in crisis. Using their own experiences of trauma & recovery, they’ve built a program that has now helped hundreds of other women. We delve into the story of The Morph Project’s humble start, rapid growth, and bright future.

Ep.6: Is it EVEN a choice?

Let’s talk about the choices we make & why we make them. We share how our recent choices led to podcasting on painkillers & Lan getting a new title. Plus, we cover how ONE simple change in mindset can help you tackle tough choices of your own!

Ep.5: GOOAALLS! Bring it on, 2019!

Let’s talk about the best little sleepy town in Colorado that Cathy’s currently obsessed with, why the holiday blues are real and how we dealt with them this year, and what Lan’s plants ALL say to her. (What, your plants don’t talk?) Plus, we’re checking in on you with those New Year’s Resolutions and sharing ways to keep the momentum going so you don’t run out of steam before Punxsutawney Phil has even come out to check for his shadow!


Let’s talk about this season of giving and we’ll share with you fun gift ideas from our BWS Holiday Gift Guide as well as what this season means to us. Does the season mean more than the wrapped gifts under the tree? Can gifts be dual purpose and what are others giving in an effort to give back? And, how do we share all of this with our kids?


Let’s talk about the one thing we all deal with when making those New Year’s Resolutions, why a house divided isn’t the end of the world, and buckle up for the 1st Sister Challenge For A Cause!


Let’s talk about that Christmas roast, the stress of the holidays and how WE can help you get through it all without losing your mind. PLUS, our first ever BWS giveaway!


Ep.1: Let’s talk about the age gap, that time Cathy couldn’t reach the clutch, and why a podcast had to happen.