Instant-ly Comforting

It’s Fall, sisters! What does that mean to you? Because, when we think of Fall, we think boots and scarves and pumpkin everything! And when it comes to food, we definitely think warm and comforting. Although, don’t hate us, we’re not the biggest fans of the PSL. It’s just not our bag, but we do know we love what else Fall ushers in…

The beginning of the holiday season! Yep, Halloween is just around the corner and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas…you get the picture! We’ve got a lot on our plates…literally. So we’re dedicating this month to the wonderfully helpful, ever-so easy, INSTANT POT. It’s been a gift to our families – really, how else do you make spaghetti in 8 minutes, using only 1 pot? So, we say “Bring on the holidays, because with these easy IP recipes, we’ll have more time to make the Halloween costumes and getting the house ready for the guests to come!” 

Check out the delicious recipes we’ve selected for you HERE . We’ve got something for everyone, from a hearty chicken-tortilla soup to a pumpkin cheesecake (YEP, even that’s in the instant pot!).

We also recommend joining a Facebook Instant Pot Community. What’s great about these types of communities is that they offer a pool of knowledge you can draw from. If you’re a beginner, this is an excellent resource for all questions IP related. Once you become an expert, share your knowledge with others…

Warm hugs,

Lan & Cathy