Sisters Giving Back 2019

We know, as moms ourselves, just how important it is to have support in parenting. The task of raising successful, healthy children is not an easy one and the age old adage “it takes a village to raise a child” couldn’t be more true. As sisters, we are fortunate to have that support in each other, but we know that the experiences and relationships our children have within the community are every bit as important. 

That’s why this year, we’ve decided to partner up with Sefra Kay Photography and Back Porch Flowers in raising funds for a program that benefits the children who need it most in our community. As Sisters Giving Back©, we are raising funds for Rise Up, a local youth program devoted to helping provide low income students grades 3-5 with positive experiences and classes at the Santa Maria Valley YMCA. 

These students, identified as at-risk by local school teachers and administrators, are encouraged in the program to focus on academics (with an emphasis on STEM learning), healthy living habits and social responsibility. They participate in classes where they spend hands-on time doing science and robotics experiments, cooking, and even learning to swim. Many of these children would never receive an opportunity to experience these things without Rise Up.

One of the things that makes the Rise Up program unique is that it offers these students long term support; they can expect to be a part of the program for 3 years. Upon graduating Rise Up, they become a part of the Bulldog Bound program through Allan Hancock College, which “focuses on creating a college-going culture among fifth- through eighth- grade students and their families. The program introduces them to AHC, the campus, and the programs and services available through early outreach events”.

Another way Rise Up goes above and beyond other programs is that they recognize the need for children to experience the joys of childhood as well – and some of the most memorable moments happen at the holidays. Rise Up provides the students and their families with turkeys at Thanksgiving and, with enough funding, gifts at Christmas. 

That’s where we come in as Sisters Giving Back©! We aim to raise enough funds to provide all 30 of these students and their families with gifts this holiday season. The memories made spent as a family are important to us, and the joy of a child receiving unexpected gifts is magic. In reaching our modest goal of raising $150 for each family, we think we can bring a little  magic to these kids and would love it if you would help us! 

Join us for our first Holiday Helping Hour to make your tax-deductible* donation:

Date & Time: December 3rd 4:30-7:30

Location: Back Porch Flowers 4850 S. Bradley Rd., Ste. D1 ORCUTT, CA 93455 

For every $20 donated, you’ll not only be helping buy presents for some very deserving kids, you’ll also be receiving 1 raffle ticket towards prizes valued up to $300! We’ll be serving hors d’oeuvres & beverages, a fun photo booth, and representatives from Rise Up will be on hand to talk about their program. Plus, it’s a great way to get out and meet your neighbors and local business owners!  

If you’d like to make a donation but are unable to attend, please e-mail us at: !

Thank you for being a part of strengthening this sisterhood to which we all belong!

-Lan & Cathy

*The Santa Maria Valley YMCA non-profit tax ID is #95-2158363. A 501(c)(3) proof of non-profit status is available upon request.

Food For Gatherings!

Halloween has come and gone and we’re moving full-steam ahead into the holiday party season. For us, the more gatherings the better! Being a guest is always fun, but we also love welcoming friends and family into our homes to celebrate the holidays. How about you: does the idea of hosting a party sound fun or is it just stressful? Well, good news – the secret to good hosting is a simple one. Whether you’re a seasoned hostess who loves to make things fancy or are just wanting to gather a few friends for a casual get together, the one thing that makes EVERY guest happy is this: GOOD FOOD!

Trust us, we’ve hosted our share of parties from casual (pizza delivery anyone?) to elaborate (ask Lan about her 40th birthday/wedding sometime!). The one thing that is sure to bring people together for a good time ISN’T the decorations, the fancy venue, or even the drinks – it’s the food. EVERY. TIME.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite drool-inducing recipes here for you this month. And these aren’t your basic recipes; they’re comfort dishes with a twist sure to be crowd pleasers. So, whether you’re bringing a pot-luck dish to share or gathering everyone at your place, you’re set! Check them out and let us know what you try…

Happy Gathering Season!