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As 2018 comes to a close, many of us are mentally taking stock of where we are in life, what makes us happy, and what we want to change moving forward. As a direct result, we often find ourselves making New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps you are resolving to make a small change, and maybe you’re thinking of something bigger. Or…maybe you’re not planning on making any resolutions because you haven’t exactly followed through on past resolutions?

The thing is, a resolution is a goal, right? You’re resolving to make some change, big or small, and here at Better With Sisters, we want to help you reach your goals. If you have, like us, given up on resolutions in the past, or are worried about the success of upcoming resolutions, let’s talk about what’s probably holding you back.

We’ll start by sharing a little about the plans over here at BWS. Lan and I decided our team resolution for 2019 was to Stop Procrastinating. It’s a BIG one for us, and it took some honest talks to acknowledge that procrastination is something we’re guilty of more often than we’d like to admit. So, we’re resolving to change our habits!

THIS website and the December podcast launch are direct results of that resolution! Full disclosure, we had a lot of reservations about this new venture. We’ve never produced a podcast before so there was (is) a lot to learn. On top of which, the idea of putting our personal stories and voices out there to be heard and judged by the public was simply daunting.

We discussed all of the reasons why perhaps waiting until January to launch all of this would be a better idea: we would be less overwhelmed with holiday tasks/commitments, we’d have more time to tweak our sound, perfect our logo, optimize our website, get better photos taken…you get the idea.

It’s arguable that we had a lot of very valid reasons to put off launching this venture before year-end. But, in talking it all out, we realized that the end result was the same: we were not moving forward. Why were we wanting to put off this task to an arbitrary date of January 1? Was it because we absolutely couldn’t accomplish all of our tasks? No. Was it because our resources wouldn’t allow for us to finish any of the components required? No. Would we actually have a perfect product in January (or EVER)? NO.

Why, then? What was holding us back from committing? FEAR! Fear of being judged for a less than perfect podcast and website, fear of being vulnerable with the public, fear of failure. Every single reason we had really was just an excuse; they were excuses we had for giving into our fears. So, we are resolving to BE BRAVE. We’re going to lean on each other and accept the fact that, while each of those fears is valid, none of them are good enough reasons to stop us from moving forward.

Because, friends, that’s ultimately what fear does: it stops us from moving forward, from reaching our goals in life. And we’re making 2019 a year of not giving in to those fears any longer… We’ve made the first steps towards OUR resolution. Now, how can we help you achieve YOUR resolutions?

We’re going to start by challenging you to take real steps towards changing your patterns and making effective changes to reach your goals. Start by deciding what your resolution is for the new year. Then, ask yourself how fear (in any form) is an obstacle in your path to reaching that goal. Finally, resolve to be BRAVER THAN YOUR FEAR and get started. Do so with the confidence that you have, here, a sisterhood that you can lean on for support and encouragement as you move forward on your journey.

Don’t forget, we always want to hear from you. So, comment below with what your goal is, and let us be the first to encourage you! You can also share on our FB page and use #braverwithsisters.

With Sisterly Love,

Cathy & Lan

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